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Purchase policy - Adyen
Purchase policy - Adyen
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Purchase policy

Tikkio acts as the merchant for organizers selling their tickets and products through Tikkio, with Adyen as a payment provider. You (the buyer) enter a contractual agreement with Tikkio and not the organizer for the sales and delivery of the ticket(s) for this transaction. When completing this transaction you also agree to our Terms of Use.

By accepting our purchase conditions, you also confirm that you have read and familiarized yourself with the contents of our privacy policy. The privacy policy can be read in its entirety here:

Prices and availability

It is the organizers, not Tikkio, who determine the prices and number of tickets and items for sale. The tickets are sold through sales channels such as the internet and mobile technology.

Accepted payment methods

Payments can be made with:

VISA, Mastercard

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland


Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland




Germany, Austria



The transaction is processed by our payment provider, Adyen. The website is secured with SSL technology, the solution complies with national and international security standards, and is PCI compliant. Your card details are not stored by Tikkio in any way.

Canceled, postponed, or relocated events

The organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone or move any event. Tikkio is responsible for all refunds for any event sold through Adyen. The organizer is responsible for communication with ticket buyers in connection with any event. The organizer reserves the right to change the program of performers without the obligation to refund purchased tickets prior to the changes.


If you as a buyer, for any circumstance, are entitled to a refund, Tikkio's commission will not be refunded, as our service was provided in connection with the purchase. If a payment method with an extra fee (Vipps, MobilePay, Klarna or Sofort) is used, this fee will not be refunded.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us through the chat on or email us at


Your tickets will be sent to your user account's registered email address shortly after your payment is completed. You can also find your tickets by logging into your account on our website.

Regretting your purchase

Tikkio is under no obligation to refund your purchase if you are unable to redeem your purchased tickets or otherwise regret the purchase.


If you have any inquiries regarding your purchase, please contact us through the chat on or email us at

Force Majeure

In the case of an event being canceled, moved, postponed or in other ways affected by a Force Majeure-situation (Force majeure means any cause beyond Tikkio and/or the Event Creators control, which the promoter or Tikkio could not reasonably have taken into consideration, avoided or overcome as a result of: war, insurrection, terrorism, a large outbreak of disease, fire, flood, strikes, weather, national security actions or instructions from national or local authorities), neither Tikkio nor the Event Creator can be held financially responsible and is in no way applicable to refund or discount tickets or products bought for the event.

Special provisions – festival line-up changes

In cases where the event is a festival consisting of various individual performances, the organizer notes that there may be changes in the festival program, including changes in which artists perform during the festival. Such changes may occur close to the event date and do not entitle you to repayment or cancellation of the ticket purchase. The organizer should endeavor to handle any changes in such a way that a full festival experience is still offered.

Disputes and governing law

Disputes that arise as a result of the use of Tikkio's channels and Services and these Organizer Terms, shall be regulated by Norwegian law with Møre og Romsdal District Court as the right venue.

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