Terms of Use

Tikkio is a platform for organizers to sell their tickets and products.

Accepted payment methods

Special terms regarding each payment provider will have to be approved on each purchase. The website is secured with SSL technology, the solution complies with national and international security standards, and is PCI compliant. Your card details are not stored by Tikkio in any way.

Prices and availability

The organizers as sellers determine the prices and number of items available for sale.

Changing user information

Once you have registered a user account on our platform, you will be able to log in and see your tickets and edit your personal information in “My user account”.

Terms of Use

Please note the following: By using or visiting this site you agree to our terms of use. Tikkio reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. If the terms are breached, Tikkio may exclude you from the Website and/or report the matter.

Gift cards

Gift cards have a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. The gift card can only be used for events organized by the particular organizer to whom the card is linked. In the event of the organizer's liquidation as a business or affiliation with Tikkio as a ticket supplier, any claim from the gift card holder can only be directed at the organizer as a seller.

Incorrect information

In the event that Tikkio doubts your entered information, we reserve the right to contact you by telephone or at the e-mail address you have provided before we release your tickets. If you do not reply within a reasonable period of time, we will cancel your order without further notice. Your purchased ticket can thus be sold to a new customer instead.

Limited use

When you visit or use our website, you agree that you may only do this for private use. Without special permission from Tikkio, you may not distribute, modify, publish or use the information on Tikkio except for your own private use. Tikkio holds all rights to the content and software on this website.

Access to our website and disruption of its functionality

Use of software and other tools to monitor or interfere with our website is prohibited. You may not copy, modify, publish or use information from this site for anything other than your own private use, without the permission of Tikkio. You understand and agree that Tikkio may exclude you from its website without notice if you misuse or violate our terms of use. In case of abuse, Tikkio reports the case to the police and takes legal action to compensate for any financial loss or damage.

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