Tikkio is a service to help you as an organizer and seller. We supply a piece of software developed for event and ticket administration and sales. When you create an organizer account, you get access to our Event Manager backend, and can put any event or ticket on sale through our platform.


The buyers are in a business relationship with you as a seller and have no rights towards Tikkio, who solely serve as an intermediate with Nets as the payment provider.


Tikkio receives 4% of all your sales through the platform. The commission is automatically deducted from your sales.


Depending on which payment solution has been agreed with Nets, you will receive a payment report that contains an overview of sales activity for the period and the payment is made to the bank account you have provided to Nets.

In connection with holidays and red days, reporting and payment may be delayed due to banking days.


Tikkio can technically assist with the refunding of tickets, but you need to provide guarantees to Tikkio before refunding can take place.

In any case, Tikkio is never obligated to handle or help with refunds - as the business relationship is between the organizer and the customer.

Organizer support

The organizer handles all sales and administration from the Tikkio Event Manager, but Tikkio is available for support and tech queries through multiple channels.

Customer support

Tikkio delivers support to any customer who reaches out, but as Tikkio is solely an intermediate, we will redirect any requests to the organizer, if the query is not regarding technical issues or the likes on the platform.

User terms

When you agree to our "Organizer terms", you also agree to our "General terms of use".

Regulating terms

Tikkio reserves the right to regulate both organizer and user terms.

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