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  1. General

    These terms (“Organizer terms") govern the use of Tikkio’s websites ( and other subdomains) and mobile applications (“Tikkio’s channels") and services (“the services") for the sale and advertising of event tickets and other goods.

    By using Tikkio’s channels and services you agree to be bound by the organizer’s terms and conditions in this agreement.

  2. Business relations and roles

    2.1. Tikkio is a sales platform for tickets and goods.

    2.2. The Seller offers goods or tickets to the Buyer through Tikkio’s channels and services.

    2.3. The Buyer uses Tikkio to acquire goods or tickets from the Seller.

    2.4. The payment intermediary has an agreement with the Seller on settlement for sales on Tikkio’s channels.

    2.5. The buyer is in a business relationship with you as Seller and has no rights towards Tikkio. Tikkio is the intermediary between you as the seller, and the buyer.

    2.6. The standard commission is the price for using Tikkio’s services in the country the seller has their business address, stated on Tikkio’s website.

  3. Price and payment

    3.1. Commission and payment terms are stated in the agreement between you as the Seller and Tikkio’s payment intermediary. The commission is automatically deducted from the Seller’s sales when payment is delivered by Tikkio’s payment intermediary. Payment is made to the bank account you have stated when registering.

    3.2. All payments are made, as a general rule, after the end of the event. Tikkio is not responsible for any changes to the terms of this agreement (it may be payment frequency, time of payment and other areas regulated in the agreement).

    3.3. Tikkio can, in rare cases, grant the Seller running payments with payouts on a regular basis (usually monthly) by special agreement. Payments transferred to the Seller are beyond Tikkio's disposal. Therefore, Tikkio cannot under any circumstances be held financially responsible for these funds. The Seller is therefore responsible for all financial claims, refunds etc. from the Buyer.

    3.4. In the case of agreements referred to in 3.3. Tikkio reserves the right to change the payout frequency to payout after the end of the event. This could be, for example, but not limited to, that Tikkio believes there is a risk that the event will not be held or on the basis of an overall assessment of the market which indicates that the event will not be held.

  4. Taxes and fees
    The seller is responsible for, in accordance with applicable law, stating the correct taxes and fees on their tickets and products. Tikkio is not in any way responsible for the Seller’s non-payment to the authorities or for incorrect information about taxes and fees to the Buyer.

  5. Refund

    5.1. Tikkio is not obliged to process or assist with refunds, as the business relationship is between Seller and Buyer.

    5.2. The seller who does not have an agreement on ongoing payment will, by his own agreement, be able to receive assistance from Tikkio to refund the current event in full, provided that satisfactory guarantees are provided to Tikkio.

    5.3. When purchasing tickets, the Buyer has accepted that the refund amount is the ticket price minus the fee / Standard commission.

    5.4. The standard commission from refunded tickets will in its entirety accrue to Tikkio.

    5.5. Tikkio reserves the right to unsolicited refund in the event of system failure.

    5.6. If the Seller does not respond to refund requests from Tikkio or the Buyer within 14 days, Tikkio will have the right to refund purchased tickets or goods without the Seller's approval.

  6. Terms

    6.1. When you as the Seller accept our "Organizer Terms", you also accept our "Terms of Use & Guidelines for Purchase"

    6.2. Tikkio reserves the right to change the "Organizer Terms" and "Terms of Use & Guidelines for Purchases" at any time.

    6.3. Tikkio will inform about changed conditions in "Organizer Terms" and "Terms of Use & Guidelines for Purchases" when the Seller logs on to the "Event Manager" and / or through email to the account owner.

  7. Contents

    7.1. When the Seller makes an event available for sale or any other form of participation on Tikkio's channels, the Seller undertakes to provide correct and accurate information to potential buyers at all times.

    7.2. Content that the Seller publishes on Tikkio's channels must at all times be in line with current legislation, and not include misleading marketing, offensive content or anything else that is in conflict with relevant legislation.

    7.3. Tikkio reserves the right to unpublish or remove content that Tikkio deems to violate this section 7.

  8. Relocation and cancellation of events

    8.1. The Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer of changes in its events. When moving or canceling an event, the Seller is obliged to immediately notify the Buyer(s) of this, as well as mark the event on Tikkio's channels with a new date as soon as this is ready, or as canceled.

    8.2. The seller is also obliged to inform Tikkio of significant changes in one or more events.

    8.3. Seller is obliged to refund its Buyers in accordance with clause “5. Refund”

  9. Privacy

    As a Seller, you are obliged to process all information about participants/buyers in accordance with the applicable rules on privacy. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the privacy regulations. In connection with the processing of personal data, you act as an independent data controller for the data being processed.

  10. Limitation of Liability

    10.1. Tikkio does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to Tikkio's channels and Services.

    10.2. Tikkio's Channels or Services may from time to time be completely or partially unavailable due to maintenance or other reasons, and Tikkio makes no guarantees of function and availability.

    10.3. To the extent that it is practical, Tikkio will try to provide information on restrictions on accessibility related to Tikkio’s channels and Services. Tikkio cannot be held responsible for any consequences, damage or loss as a result of Tikkio's channels or Services not available for usage.

  11. Intellectual Property Rights

    11.1. Tikkio is the holder of the intellectual property rights in the text, image, design, user interface, other material and information available to you in Tikkio's channels. The same applies to the underlying program code for the services. Such material may not be used in any way other than what a normal use of Tikkio's channels necessitates.

    11.2. You may not copy, reproduce, publish, upload, transmit or distribute any material or information from Tikkio's channels without the prior written permission of Tikkio.

    11.3. The use of automated services (robots, crawlers, indexing, etc.) as well as other procedures for systematic or regular copying of the content in Tikkio's channels is also not permitted without explicit written consent from Tikkio.

  12. Use and storage of data

    12.1. Tikkio will in no way make data available that can be traced back to individual events or the Seller without the consent of the Seller.

    12.2. Tikkio stores data in accordance with current GDPR legislation.

    12.3. All data generated on the platform may be used by Tikkio or third parties in connection with marketing and communication directed at the Seller or end customers (Buyer) in accordance with applicable law.

    12.4. Tikkio collects data in order to improve the platform and offer the Seller new products and services.

  13. Force Majeure

    13.1. If, due to circumstances beyond Tikkio's control, Tikkio is unable to deliver the service in accordance with the order, Tikkio is not liable for damage or inconvenience caused to Buyer, Seller or others who may be affected by the circumstances. Tikkio shall immediately notify the Customer if such circumstances should occur.

  14. Compensation

    14.1. Seller shall indemnify Tikkio, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates and employees from all losses, costs, damages, receivables or claims, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by Buyer or others related to Seller's use of Tikkio's channels and Services.

  15. Modification or removal of the services

    15.1. Tikkio has the right to change, cancel or stop the services you as a Seller use in Tikkio's channels, temporarily or permanently, for any reason and without notice to the Seller.

    15.2. You as the Seller accept that Tikkio is not responsible to you or any third party in the event of change, cancellation or suspension of the Service(s).

    15.3. Tikkio reserves the right to ban Sellers from Tikkio's channels on any basis.

  16. Disputes and governing law

    Disputes that arise as a result of the use of Tikkio's channels and Services and these Organizer Terms, shall be regulated by Norwegian law with Møre og Romsdal District Court as the right venue.

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